I recently found out that the flying company KLM operates in Brazil. Althought it’s the oldest company in the world, and very well known in Europe, it’s not yet popular in my country.

I’m always tunned in new plane tickets offers and got curious about the KLM Dream Sales

I really liked the prices but I wanted to research more before buying it. I found great references on the internet and my travel agency highly recommended it.

To give you an idea, the cheapest plane ticket from Sao Paulo to Budapest in the dates I wanted were $1180, and on the Dream Sales I found it for $779! After that I had no doubts and bought my tickets to Budapest!

The Dream Sales go from 8/20/2015 until 09/03/2015/! Enjoy x

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This look was inspired by the Balmain fall 2014 collection. I’ve combined the safari type of jacket with the embroidered skirt to create a “safary chic” look.
I hope you like it!

anna barroso streetstyle

anna barroso (5)

anna barroso (7)

anna barroso (8)

anna barroso (4)

anna barroso (3)

anna barroso (2)

anna barroso (9)

anna barroso street style

anna barroso look details

anna barroso (10)

Skirt: Le Lis Blanc
White shirt: Le Lis Blanc
Bag: Elisa Atheniense
Necklaces: Vania Nielsen

Photographer: Estevão Andrade
Make up: Tetê Clementino

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